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Learn how Reuters utilizes AI, machine learning and natural language processing today, maintaining the ethics and standards of the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.    

At Reuters, we believe the latest artificial intelligence technology, including generative AI, offers many opportunities for both how we report the news and how we distribute it. In that, we are staying true to our approach for more than 170 years: advancing the use of new technologies to deliver trusted news.

As we continue to innovate and experiment with cutting-edge AI technologies to enrich our content and delivery, we are taking a responsible approach that safeguards accuracy and fosters trust. Generative AI offers exciting opportunities to enhance how we report and deliver the news, but it needs to be implemented in a manner that ensures that Reuters always remains accurate and impartial.

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Pioneering new reporting tools and methods

Since our founding, Reuters has pioneered new tools and methods to distribute information first and fast, while always maintaining accuracy and impartiality – from carrier pigeons in 1850, the telegraph in 1863 and the internet in the 1990s.

Financial data
Reuters has been automating financial and economic data alerts since the 1990s. We leverage a suite of in-house and third-party tools to deliver unparalleled access to the data our customers need to make smart business decisions at speed and at scale.

AI-assisted reporting
Lynx Insight, a proprietary news generation tool that Reuters developed in 2018, automatically generates short stories based on various data sets, including London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) data, that are reviewed by our editors before publishing. This allows us to speed up alerts, uncover breaking news, provide more analysis and collaborate. Lynx Insight also produces alerts and “triggers” for Reuters journalists on interesting stock and index moves they may otherwise miss.

AI translation
Teams working in languages other than English routinely use machine-assisted AI to provide first-pass translations. 

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 REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Enhancing the customer experience

Reuters utilizes a suite of tools to ensure customers and readers can find the stories and information they are searching for.

Reuters is continuously innovating to ensure our News Agency customers have quick and easy access to the content they need to engage their audiences. Our latest AI technology performs real-time processing of raw and packaged video to extract insights. The tool generates automated transcripts, shotlisting within videos and translations using Reuters-trained ML services, providing customers with greater discoverability and the ability to create multimedia packages more quickly.

Content recommendations
A content recommendation and analytics engine delivers targeted, highly relevant news to LSEG and Thomson Reuters legal solutions customers and users. It uses state of the art recommendation engine technology developed by Thomson Reuters and data from multiple sources to significantly enhance the customer experience.

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Generative AI

As we look at how the latest AI technology can enrich our content and delivery, Reuters is focused on how we can help our customers derive the most value from our work, including better search and discovery, improved notifications, simplified workflows and validation services.

Generative AI offers exciting opportunities to enhance how we report and deliver the news, but it needs to be implemented in a responsible way to ensure Reuters coverage always remains accurate and impartial.

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 REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson