2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results

In partnership with the National Election Pool (NEP) and Edison Research

The definitive source for accurate, timely and comprehensive election data, distributed by Reuters

As the official distribution partner for the National Election Pool, we’ll provide access to the same real-time data and exit polls as 4 of the 5 biggest US networks to ensure your audiences are informed and engaged throughout the biggest news story of the year.

The National Election Pool, a consortium comprised of ABC News, NBC News, CNN and CBS News, works with Edison Research to provide accurate and timely nationwide vote tabulation.

We’ve got you covered – Exit Polls, Vote Counts, Election Projections, Delegate Estimates

  • Up-to-the-minute voting data from all 50 states
  • National, statewide and all 435 House races
  • Providing data as early as the Iowa caucus, for various primaries throughout the year
  • Conventions and in-person exit polls

The NEP Poll’s superior methodology includes probability-based samples and interviews with real voters.

Source: www.edisonresearch.com/election-polling & Source: AP VoteCast Methodology Description

NEP vs. AP House Calls 2018: 257 called first by the NEP, 136 by the AP

Comparison of Edison House projections and Politico reporting of AP House projections / Source: www.edisonresearch.com/election-polling & Source: AP VoteCast Methodology Description 2018

Vote Count

  • Real-time vote results in all 50 states for statewide races, ballot initiatives and House races.
  • The NEP vote count from Edison Research is the only service continuously updated after Election Day. Every vote is tracked until results are certified by all states.
  • Vote count data available for statewide results, vote by Congressional District, county vote data breakouts for statewide races, and all U.S. House races.

Exit Polls

The only national and state exit polls in the U.S., and the only projections and analysis based on voters.

  • Proven probability-based sampling methods for accurate results
  • In-person interviews with over 100,000 voters as they leave their polling places on the day of the election
  • In-person interviews at early voting locations
  • Early and absentee voter telephone polls
  • Detailed analysis of who voted and why they made their choices

Race Projections

Exit polls provide a preview of the important stories on election night.

For the 2020 General Election, race projections will be made in all 50 states for statewide races, ballot measures, as well as all 435 House races.

More data and faster results means timely projections and analysis.

Reuters, the official distributor of the National Election Pool for the 2020 U.S. presidential election

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