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Afghan teen female motocross athlete rides to inspire

By Reuters Editorial  29 July 2020


Making jumps over dirt mounds in her tracksuit and padded helmet, 16-year-old Negin Afshar could be any motocross enthusiast in the world. But she is riding in Kabul, where the outcome of peace efforts with the Taliban could lead to the hardline group putting in restrictions on women participating in sports – and an end to her passion.
Meet the teen Afghan motocross athlete prepared to fight for her right to ride. 16-year-old Negin Afshar hopes to inspire other young women to pursue the tough sport in a country where the outcome of peace efforts with the Taliban could lead to restrictions on women participating in athletics. But Afshar is not prepared to put an end to her passion
“No, God willing, these restrictions on women’s rights after the possible return of the Taliban will not happen, because our government will not allow the Taliban to do so. The most important issue that should be raised with the Taliban is the freedom and rights of Afghan women, and if they (the Taliban) want to violate our rights, we will stand against them and resist. I will not leave my country, and I want to stay here and serve my country.”

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