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Reuters brings the best of Africa to African audiences, as well as putting the continent ‘centre stage’ globally” says Serena Chaudhry, Editor, Africa Journal

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No other source strikes our unique balance between unbiased, on-the-ground reporting with an international perspective.

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Our photojournalists have the vision and ability to capture extraordinary moments that will live long in the memory.

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We started our journey over 150 years ago, as an authentic voice providing unbiased African news to the world. Today, we share powerful stories from the continent with the same accuracy and independence from the very first day we began.

We cover the events, people and technology shaping one of the world’s fastest growing continents, more completely and quickly than any other international news agency. We offer a dynamic solution for news organizations wishing to share truly pan-African content across TV, online and mobile.

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As smartphone ownership continues on a steep upward curve, the demand for compelling multi-platform content has never been greater.

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Our pan-African content is made available via our easy-access online platform, Reuters Connect.

Reuters Connect is an intelligent way of sourcing the news you need, allowing news outlets of all sizes to spend flexibly and work efficiently.

Our points spending model gives you total control to download the most relevant content for your audience and in formats that work across broadcast, online and social channels.

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Access a powerful collection of ready-to-publish video packages featuring only the very best of our video coverage from one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

Our unmatched coverage balances human-interest, lifestyle, science and technology stories with the biggest breaking news of the day – whether they’re happening on the continent itself or on the world stage with an African narrative.

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