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This year, we are making some significant changes to Reuters.com to ensure its place as the premier global destination for trusted news and intelligence.

As the world’s largest multimedia news provider, Reuters offers unrivalled global and regional coverage. This will not change.

We are building a global site and, from September 17, 2020, will be redirecting users from some regional editions – such as it.reuters.com and reuters.mx – to www.Reuters.com. This will offer users a more consistent and higher quality experience, as many of our regional sites currently operate as automated news feeds, and we are making a wide range of improvements to Reuters.com.

This will not affect the way we cover the world – Reuters is committed to reporting from every corner of the globe in multiple languages and our journalistic resources are unchanged – it is just about how we present our news online.

This move will help us build a world-class destination for decision makers and bring you the trusted, real-time news coverage that you have come to count on.

We hope you will join us. Please take a moment to complete this simple form to receive updates, share feedback or ask a question.

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Reuters Audio is our new collection of archive and real-time sound clips, helping producers add depth and dimension to their audio material. Our library contains ready-to-publish packages as well as raw audio content, for all your production requirements.
4:02pm-25 Sep '20-2 days ago
Reuters welcomes @CoveringClimate to Reuters Connect. Covering Climate Now is a global journalism initiative focused on increasing coverage of climate reporting. Clients will be able to access dedicated coverage on the defining story of our time. #CCNow #ReutersConnect
2:30pm-25 Sep '20-3 days ago
RT @ReutersPR: .@Reuters ahead delivering fast and moving on-the-ground visuals coverage of Lesbos migrant center fire:
1:36pm-25 Sep '20-3 days ago
U.S. Air Force Gen. John ‘Jay’ Raymond, chief of space operations at Space Force, and NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discuss their partnership in an online forum. Could this be the next giant leap for mankind?
1:02pm-25 Sep '20-3 days ago
Rescue efforts to save whales stranded on a sandbar take place at Macquarie Harbour, near Strahan, Tasmania, Australia.
8:00am-25 Sep '20-3 days ago
Spend your newsroom budget wisely this elections season and discover how Reuters graphics can enhance your storytelling. Document the road to the White House with Reuters graphics, and discover a world of compelling, data-led journalism.
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From wildfires scorching the West Coast of the US to Brexit in crisis, this is Reuters, the real-world in real-time.
2:00pm-24 Sep '20-4 days ago
At the Yiwu Fuye Christmas factory in eastern China, workers are stitching and testing Santa Claus toys, checking they play a Christmas tune. But jingles are the only seasonal cheer in the factory in the city of Yiwu, according to state broadcaster CCTV.
12:02pm-24 Sep '20-4 days ago
Following the fire that devastated Moria refugee camp, a woman pulls a baby on a pallet as they prepare to move to a new temporary camp for migrants and refugees, on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Share moments that matter with #ReutersConnect
8:00am-24 Sep '20-4 days ago
Join us tomorrow, 10AM EST for an exclusive conversation with @KHayhoe where our expert panel discuss climate change, our ability to tackle the challenge and whether society can adapt to a warming planet.
4:02pm-23 Sep '20-4 days ago

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