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Death toll from Haiti quake doubles to nearly 1,300

The death toll from a devastating earthquake in Haiti climbed to nearly 1,300 on Sunday, as rescuers scramble to find survivors in the rubble.

Hospitals have been stretched to capacity with some 5,700 more people injured.

Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed.

The 7.2-magnitude earthquake dealt a massive blow to the impoverished nation, still reeling from the assassination of its president Jovenel Moise last month, and facing a severe economic downturn compounded by the pandemic.

Southwestern Haiti suffered the most extensive damage, especially the region in and around the seafront town of Les Cayes.

Nearby countries have rushed to send desperately needed aid, including Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The U.S also despatched a 65-member search and rescue team.

A breakdown of law and order cut off access to key roads to the worst-hit areas, leaving parts of the island nation in the hands of gangs.

Thousands of Haitians spent the weekend sleeping out in the open, despite the looming risk of heavy rains and warnings from local officials about the spread of water-borne diseases.

Rescue efforts will be hampered by Tropical Storm Grace, expected to hit Haiti as early as Monday.

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