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Dramatic moment on video shows glacier flood rushing downstream in Indian Himalayas

Rescuers are looking for up to 192 people missing in the Indian Himalayas, according to local officials, after a glacier broke in the country’s second-highest peak, causing a torrent of water, dust and rock which swept down a mountain valley on Sunday (February 7).

Video obtained by Reuters showed the moment floodwaters hit and destroyed part of a hydroelectric project under construction by state firm NTPC – one of two hydroelectric dams that were damaged in the avalanche. More footage of the aftermath showed damaged roads along the riverbank.

The bodies of 12 people have been recovered, while another 12 were rescued from a tunnel in the region. An estimated 30 workers are believed trapped in a 2.5km tunnel being built in the area.

It was not immediately clear what set off the avalanche at this time of year, with freezing temperatures and no rain.

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