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Drone footage shows offshore and onshore mining at Indonesia’s ‘tin island’

Drone footage shows how, amid thinning reserves, Indonesia’s tin miners have widened their operations from Bangka Island to off-shore pontoons.

Diesel generators emit black plumes as steel pipes ram into the sea floor to extract sand, which is sifted for tin ore.

The practice threatens the biodiversity of nearby coasts, according to an environmental group, and disrupts the livelihood of fishermen who say they are now catching fewer fish.

High tin prices, driven by global demand for electronics manufacturing, has kept miners, both with and without licenses, busy.

Indonesia is the world’s biggest exporter of tin, which is used in everything from food packaging to electronics and now green technologies.

Fitch Solutions, a unit of Fitch Group, expects the scarcity of tin to drive prices to near the 2011 record of $33,500/tonne by mid-2021

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