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Ducks hold up traffic to cross road in Vietnam

A long queue of White Pekin ducks held up traffic to cross a road in Vietnam. The birds had been feeding on snails and other pests in rice paddies before returning to their farm in the Dong Anh district of Hanoi on November 26. Motorist Ta Quoc Truong filmed the birds as they waddled to the other side of the road in a single file with their tiny yellow feet. The creatures walked in single file while drivers waited patiently for the last duck to reach the other side of the road. Ta Quoc Truong said: “I went to a place nearby to meet my client. I found this really funny and entertaining, I laughed and could not believe the ducks could cross the road properly like this. They were so organised. “Moreover, there are thousands of ducks still next to the road, they go across group by group.” The White Pekin, or American Pekin, is a breed of domestic duck raised in many parts of the world primarily for meat and eggs.

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