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Global Celebrity Coverage

Get breaking entertainment news and headlines from the experienced, international team of award-winning multimedia editors at Reuters, and our content partners Hollywood TV, mptv, Jukin Media, Runway Manhattan, Variety and WENN:

  • Celebrity news, red-carpet events, film, TV, music, fashion, business, culture and review
  • Detailed coverage including: Celebrity profiles and interviews; award shows; weekly box-office reports; week in review; international film reviews and all TV premiers, sweeps, pilots and upfronts
REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

Entertainment Newswires & Multimedia

We provide more than 40 unique entertainment news stories per day, delivered as ready-to-publish or via our newswires. This consists of:

  • 24/7 ready-to-publish multimedia content saves you time and resources
  • Ability to easily prioritize and set aside content for long-term project use
  • Superior customer service and response time makes you confident in delivering the best to your audience

Entertainment Video

Our fully packaged, ready-to-publish entertainment video provides coverage of the day’s top and breaking entertainment news stories. Generate premium revenue from video advertising around celebrity news:

  • Video with audio, natural sound, voice-over and full script
  • Formatted to allow for customized voice-overs
  • Easy integration into multiple platforms and content-management systems
  • Experienced support staff available 24/7 for assistance
REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett
 REUTERS/Jason Lee

Entertainment Pictures

Reuters Entertainment Pictures Service provides constantly updated, eye-catching content to attract and retain readers. Our visual coverage spans celebrities, royals, film, TV, music, theater, fashion, fine arts and culture, with special coverage during major events.

  • Top entertainment pictures
  • Coverage within minutes of events
  • Increased coverage during events
  • Easy and seamless integration into multiple platforms

Reuters Global Entertainment Calendar

All the key entertainment events Reuters will be covering in 2019, including the Grammy’s, Academy Awards, Venice Film Festival, and global Fashion Weeks. Covering every angle, we offer the unmatched content you need to attract eyeballs and retain readers.

Gareth Fuller/Pool via REUTERS

Our World-Class Entertainment Partners

In addition to Reuters award-winning coverage, you can also access entertainment content from other leading organizations such as Hollywood TV, mptv, Jukin Media, Runway Manhattan, Variety and WENN.

Whatever the news agenda, whatever your focus, Reuters entertainment coverage includes rich and compelling content that will captivate your audience.

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