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Germans inject some sweetness into the COVID crisis

After a torrid year seeing a global pandemic significantly impact everyday life across the world, a bakery in Germany has decided to inject a little sugar and humour into the coronavirus crisis.

The Riedmair confectionery sells its syringe-filled doughnuts in Garching near Munich, the syringes containing an array of sugary ingredients in a play on mass vaccinations of their doughnuts.

“This year, a very special year, we even founded an organisation, the RKI, the Riedmair Krapfen Institute, and our highlight at the end is our doughnut injection,” jokes Juergen Wachter.

Wachter is the sales manager and pastry chef at the Garching bakery and confectionery Riedmair. “The special thing about it: we have a lemon-ginger shot at the top, you first get the injection face and then you bite into the doughnut and a passion fruit-coconut-chia filling then surprises you and brings a smile to your face,” he adds.

The doughnuts will be on sale from Carnival Monday (“Rosenmontag”).

The special corona doughnut will then be the so-called doughnut of the week, which is also usually available at Riedmair. Many customers are already looking forward to it, a little carnival fun is a must. “Great, I’m thrilled, I’m quite positively surprised, I think it’s super, a good idea,” says one customer at the bakery, but another then comes back to the bitter reality: “Totally cool, it would be nice if we were all vaccinated already.”

The choice of ‘vaccinated doughnuts’ don’t need any appointments and are available until February 21.

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