ICYMI - Afghan orphanages appeal for funding as billionaire-backed space race sends Captain Kirk to space - Reuters News Agency

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ICYMI – Afghan orphanages appeal for funding as billionaire-backed space race sends Captain Kirk to space

In the wake of a Taliban takeover, frozen foreign funds and aid, Afghan orphanages are being forced to make tough decisionsamid fears that their calls for help will go unanswered. Reuters spoke with Ahmad Khalil Mayan, director of a large Kabul orphanage, who says that he’s cutting back on the amount of fruit and meat he gives the children because the home is running out of money.

In stark contrast, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origins launched another all-passenger crew into space. Star Trek actor William Shatner was on board and, at 90 years old, became the oldest person to venture into space. Shatner’s participation helped generate publicity for Blue Origin as it competes against two billionaire-backed rivals – Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

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Kabul orphanage struggles to feed its children as cash runs low

The orphanage has been operational for more than a decade, and provides shelter for those who have lost both parents or just one who cannot afford to keep them.

Blue Origin launches Star Trek actor Shatner into space

After the flight, Shatner said the trip was “the most profound experience I can imagine” adding “I am so filled with emotion about what just happened.”

British lawmaker Amess stabbed multiple times in church

The tragedy has echoes of two similar cases, one in 2010 when lawmaker Stephen Timms survived a stabbing and another in 2016 when Labour’s Jo Cox was fatally shot days after the Brexit referendum.

Man kills several people in Norway in bow and arrow attacks

The man suspected of killing five people in Norway with a bow and arrow and other weapons earlier this week can be held in custody for an initial four weeks while the probe continues.