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ICYMI – Belarus athlete calls for support after refusing to return home

Senegalese communities near the border with Mauritania are joining efforts to fight back the effects of desertification. The project, part of the Green Wall initiative to plant a 8,000-km line of trees from Senegal to Djibouti, includes specially designed circular gardens that the organizers hope will boost food security and engage thousands of community workers.

On the other side of the world, Reuters exclusively broke the news that Krystsina Tsimanouskayan, an Olympic sprinter from Belarus, refused to return home from the Tokyo Games early after calling attention to the “negligence” of the coaching team. The incident highlighted ongoing discontent in Belarus, which has seen several high profile arrests, including Olympic athletes, of people protesting Alexander Lukashenko’s government. Most recently, a Belarusian activist was found hanged in a Kyiv park. Tsimanouskayan has called for support from the IOC and Japanese authorities.

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Belarusian athlete refuses to return home after criticizing coaches

A Belarusian sprinter says she was taken to the airport against her wishes to board a flight back home after complaining about national coaches at the Tokyo Olympics.

Senegalese plant circular gardens in Green Wall defence against desert

The project is a local approach to what is known as the Green Wall initiative, launched in 2007, that aims to slow desertification across Africa’s Sahel region.

Wildfires blaze on southern Turkish coast near Manavgat

A massive forest fire raged in the coastal town of Marmaris on Friday as the death toll from wildfires in Turkey rose to four.

Third vaccine dose boosts protection against Delta variant – Pfizer

The company also said it could apply for an emergency use authorization for a potential booster dose as early as August.