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ICYMI – Between the Taliban and Hurricane Ida, Biden fights on two fronts

Days after the evacuation of the last American soldier in Afghanistan, the world is beginning to see a glimpse of what’s to come under Taliban rule. Now that the militant group controls the country, it is beginning to make efforts to build a fully functioning financial system, as reported in a Reuters exclusive. After 40 years of war, Afghanistan’s economy has long relied on aid and foreign currency reserves, the latter remaining out of reach in the United States.

While Afghanistan is still very much at the forefront of the agenda in Washington, US President Joe Biden has also been tasked with managing disaster along the nation’s coastline. He visited Louisiana on Friday to get a first-hand look at the destruction wrought by Hurricane Ida, where he took an aerial tour over some of the communities that were hit the hardest. Reuters captured drone footage some of the dramatic scenes of a coastal towns turned to piles of matchsticks.

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The acting central bank governor met bankers this week amid growing concerns about reviving an economy that relies on foreign currency reserves.

Drone footage of hurricane-ravaged barrier town ahead of Biden’s visit

Biden traveled to Louisiana to get a first-hand look at the destruction wrought by Hurricane Ida, the monster storm left 1 million people statewide without power.

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