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ICYMI – Families reunited in Gaza after swarms of airstrikes

After weeks of escalating tension, the skies over Gaza are filled with scores of rockets and airstrikes that have wreaked havoc on civilian lives. Leaders from around the world, including US President Biden, Jordan’s King Abdullah and UN Secretary-General Guterres, are calling for a halt to the bloodshed.

Journalists on the ground are navigating dangerous conditions to ensure that the human element of this story is brought to the forefront. Mohammed Salem, one of our photographers in Gaza, captured a heart-wrenching story of a 6 year old girl who was reunited with her father after their home was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike.

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Israeli air strikes hit Gaza as fighting enters second week

The violence entered a second week with no sign of an end to the fiercest hostilities in the region in years, despite growing international concern and mounting calls for a ceasefire.

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Father and daughter reunited after surviving an Israeli strike that shattered their home

The young girl, trapped for seven hours under the debris, was reunited in Shifa hospital with her father, who was also being treated for his wounds.