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ICYMI – From the heights of London’s sky pools to the depths of an Icelandic volcano

Last week’s stories were captured from land to sea, from the heights of London’s sky pools to the depths of an Icelandic volcano. Alongside these spectacular scenes of both natural and human might come stories of farmers’ quest to rehabilitate a fragile ecosystem fatigued by climate change.

For decades, volunteers in China have been working to replant a forest to fight back desert land that sabotages agricultural efforts in the country’s northwestern region. Conservationists, however, worry that the project may be reaching a point of diminishing returns. “The sand is still moving. This can’t be controlled. When the wind comes, it’s usually really strong. No one can stop it.”

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Watch moment drone crashes into erupting Icelandic volcano

The stunning video, shot on Monday (May 24), brings the viewer up-close to the shield volcano and right into the molten lava.

China farmers push back the desert – one tree at a time

Tree-planting has been at the heart of China’s environmental efforts for decades as the country seeks to turn barren deserts and marshes near its borders into farmland.

Dizzying sky pool opens in London

Londoners are seen soaking in the sunshine in an 82-foot transparent swimming pool, suspended between two apartment buildings.

Vessel sinks as its towed into deep sea off the Colombo Harbour

The disaster is a massive blow to the fishing community, already badly affected by repeated lockdowns due to the coronavirus.