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ICYMI – One year since the world changed forever

A year ago, on March 11, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It was the beginning of a journey of death and suffering, the start of a succession of lockdowns around the world and a race towards a vaccine to end it all.

Our journalists have been there from day one and brought you all the stories, in all the formats.

The world has changed forever, yet the quality of our reporting has not.

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Coffins of Covid victims were lined up in his church. A year on, Italian priest remembers the “nightmare”

Father Mario Carminati has been a priest for 41 years, but when his small town was suddenly in the epicentre of Europe’s worst Covid outbreak last year, he saw death on an industrial scale that no-one could have foreseen.

Booster vaccines are the future in battle with COVID-19 virus, Peacock says

Regular booster vaccines against the novel coronavirus will be needed because of mutations that make it more transmissible and better able to evade human immunity, the head of Britain’s effort to sequence the virus’s genomes told Reuters.

Spectators sitting inside their vehicles enjoy Jeju Fire Festival in South Korea

Spectators sitting inside their vehicles enjoy the Jeju Fire Festival as the fire forms the letters “COVID-19 OUT” at a hill in Jeju, South Korea, March 13, 2021.

Footage show police dragging profusely-bleeding unresponsive protester away in Yangon

EDIT CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES/ Police also aggressively arrest female protester at the scene, amid deadliest day in Myanmar.