ICYMI - Protesters take to the streets in Almaty as the U.S. reflects a year after the Capitol riots - Reuters News Agency

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ICYMI – Protesters take to the streets in Almaty as the U.S. reflects a year after the Capitol riots

The streets of Almaty, Kazakhtan are marked with signs of violence after unrest between protesters and the police last week sparked by the government’s decision to lift price-controls on fuel. Russian President Putin sent in paratroopers to protect strategic facilities in the ex-Soviet capital after what he described as a foreign-backed terrorist uprising. U.S. officials have raised concerns about the way the sitiuation was handled, questioning the need to call in foreign forces to resolve a domestic crisis and denouncing the goverment’s ‘shoot-to-kill’ order.

As the State Department monitored unrest in Kazakhstan, Washington DC marked one year since the Capitol riots that put American democracy under seige. In a speech at the Capitol building last week, President Biden accused his predecessor Donald Trump of spreading a “web of lies” about the 2020 election that sparked the raid.

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