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ICYMI – Purple islands, Irish dance spin

With many countries still in lockdown, audiences look to media outlets to let them ‘travel’.

This week, we brought you the story of South Korea’s “Purple Islands”. Inspired by their native balloon flower, residents of the Banwol and Bakji Islands, have painted their houses, roads and bridges in shades of the hue, and planted purple flowers such as lavender and asters to transform their town into a tourist attraction.

In light of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, we told the story of Morgan Bullock, a young African-American woman from Richmond, Virginia. Bullock has become an internet sensation after posting videos of herself doing traditional Irish dance to the beat of hip-hop music.

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Black American brings new face to Irish dancing

An unlikely fusion of Irish dance and hip-hop music is flying high on the internet as a young dreadlocked African-American dancer blends her passions in viral videos of herself in quarantine.

Drenched in purple, South Korean islands draw tourists

Dressed all in purple, bent-over women held long rakes aloft as they walked in a line to a lavender field to carry out some pruning on an island in southwest South Korea.

Let’s talk about women’s safety, says mourner at heart of UK policing uproar

Grief and rage over the murder of Londoner Sarah Everard should be channelled into efforts to stop men’s violence against women, not into political arguments about police tactics at a vigil, one of the women arrested at the event said on Monday.

A year after army trucks carried away the dead, Bergamo fights to recover

March 18 marks one year since images of convoys of army trucks carrying away the coronavirus dead in Bergamo shocked the world. Now, the northern Italian province that reached breaking point during the first wave of coronavirus fights to recover.