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ICYMI – Snowy scenes capture headlines, from eastern Ukraine to Istanbul

Ukraine remained a top priority at the highest level of international diplomacy amid fears that Russia may be preparing for an invasion. Our teams on the ground met with the residents of a small village near Donetsk who have been forced to live with the harsh realities of the conflict between Ukraine and Russian backed seperatists.

Thousands of people were stranded across Turkey due to heavy snowfall that cancelled flights and clogged roads across the country. Istanbul was covered in a thick layer of snow, delaying buses and ferries and prompting a ban on driving private vehicles. To avoid the chaotic streets, our journalists took to the skies of Istanbul to capture the city’s iconic landmarks covered in snow.

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Elderly Ukrainian couple left behind in bombed out eastern village

The Shklyars live without running water or a stable power supply, relying on the Ukrainian military and aid workers to deliver basic goods.


Drone footage shows Istanbul’s iconic landmarks blanketed in snow

Across the country some 4,600 people were left stranded on roads and elsewhere, and thousands had been placed in temporary housing.


Nadal edges Medvedev in five-set thriller to win Australian Open

Rafa Nadal roared back from two sets down to claim a record 21st Grand Slam title only months after fearing his glorious career might be over due to injury.


Visitors to Colombian house find world turned upside

An upside-down house built in Colombia’s Guatavita is capturing the imagination of visitors looking for fun following coronavirus restrictions.