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ICYMI – Sports eras come to a close in Barcelona and Tokyo

Tokyo transformed its Olympic Stadium into a park with grass, buskers and BMX riders for its closing ceremony yesterday, giving visiting athletes a chance to “experience” the city’s charms. Without spectators in the stands, the event was a poignant reminder of the heavy restrictions during the Games which prevented athletes from exploring the host city, a time-honored perk of competing in the Olympics. Throughout the Games, Reuters journalists in Tokyo published over 100,000 pictures, ensuring that fans around the world could join in the excitement.

The Tokyo Games weren’t the only sports eras to come to a close with the news that Barcelona FC’s Lionel Messi will be leaving the team after 21 years. The sports legend, who has scored a record 682 goals for the team and has been hailed by fans as a “Messiah”, confirmed at a press conference that he is in talks with French club Paris St. Germain over a possible move.

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