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ICYMI – Vitoria Bueno soaring, Texan snowboarding

From a small town near Minas Gerais in Brazil, the story of Vitoria Bueno inspired audiences around the world. Born without arms, Bueno’s dream of being a dancer seemed painfully unrealistic. “For people with disabilities (seeing me dance), it helps a lot. They see that disabilities are just a detail. We are much bigger than our disabilities, so we have to chase our dreams.” Now with over 150,000 followers on Instagram, her talent and inspiration are a gift to the world.

The brutal cold that has engulfed vast swaths of the United States has shuttered COVID-19 inoculation centers and threatened to disrupt vaccine supplies to some areas. In Lubbock, Texas, university student Corbin Antu made the best of the situation. He snowboarded up and down snow-silent, white streets, clinging to a tow rope as friends in a pickup truck pulled him around the West Texas prairie town, where it’s nearly impossible to find a hill to sled or ski down.

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Brazilian ballerina born without arms soars with her attitude

When Vitória Bueno’s mother first dropped her off at ballet class, she worried about her five-year-old fitting in. “People would line up outside the house to see her,” said her mother Wanda, 39, still hurt as she recalled the insensitivity. “They would lift up her sleeves to look.”

Texas deep freeze leaves millions without power, some snowboarding behind pickups

A historic winter storm has brought lower temperatures to Houston than in parts of Alaska, left millions of Texans without power and spun killer tornadoes into the U.S. Southeast on Tuesday (February 16).

Seals stage a comeback on France’s northern coast

Crowds of seals lie on the sand, some wriggling towards the water, on the northern French coast where they are staging a comeback. Drone images show around 250 wild grey seals, adults and cubs, frolicking at low tide near the town of Marck.

Farmers fight back: making animal feed from a locust plague

Kenya is battling some of the worst locust plagues in decades, but start-up The Bug Picture hopes to transform the pests into profits and bring “hope to the hopeless” whose crops and livelihoods are being destroyed by the insects.