International News

Breaking political, economic and cultural news from around the world

Give your Audience a Global Perspective

Real-time coverage and world news reports that help you build your reputation as a source of the most important international stories:

  • Political, diplomatic and social issues, as well as coverage of natural disasters, human-interest stories, science, the environment, sports, business and much more
  • Reporting from more than 200 locations, Reuters award-winning journalists strike a unique balance between informed reporting on the ground and editing with a global perspective – adding an extra layer of credibility to your coverage
REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Newswires & Multimedia

Give your audiences a true multimedia experience before your competitors, using ready-to-publish packages that include text, photography and video.

  • More human-interest and lifestyle content
  • Value-added features, columns, analysis, polls and interviews give your content standout quality
  • News planning tools provide at-a-glance roundups of top stories

International News Video

Complete global video coverage helps broadcasters and online publishers meet audience needs for high-quality, interesting international news.

  • Broadcast-quality video coverage and ready-to-publish packages reduce demands on your resources
  • Live exclusive reports set you apart from competition
  • Raw footage allows you to add your unique take
  • Available by region or topic, delivered with English-language narration
REUTERS/Dylan Martinez
REUTERS/Kim Kyunghoon

International News Pictures

With comprehensive imagery from the biggest world news stories as they break, Reuters helps you provide timely, captivating content to audiences all over the globe. Our network of over 600 photographers uses local knowledge to ensure your coverage is unsurpassed and perfectly curated.

  • 1,600 pictures a day, along with archive of more than 13 million pictures, covering every topic your audience could want
  • Easy-to-search metadata ensures you can publish quickly
  • Accurate, timely and unbiased coverage adds to your credibility

Our World-Class Partners

In addition to Reuters award-winning coverage, you can also access international content from other leading news organizations such as BBC News, Africa 24 Media; sports specialists, Perform and Red Bull Media House; plus entertainment coverage from WENN, Variety and Hollywood TV.

Whatever the news agenda, whatever your focus, Reuters International coverage includes rich and compelling content that will captivate your audience.

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