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We’re here to help – We spent a lot of 2020 making our planning tools even better to give our clients the best insight into what to expect next. Start taking advantage now.

  • Our guaranteed coverage is outlined in our 2021 Planning calendar and is exclusively available to clients at this link.
  • More exclusive coverage will be added throughout the year.

If you can’t be there, we will. Additionally, you can use our live planning tools and chat to obtain further detail on events not yet listed.

  • The Reuters Connect Planning Tools have been improved to update automatically, using STATS-PEFORM APIs.
  • Due to ongoing uncertainty regarding Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games, access and planning remains fluid. However, we will dedicate our next newsletter to previewing our coverage. Spoiler alert: we won’t miss a beat!

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Partner spotlight

Reuters has extended its partnership with STATS-PERFORM. You can expect us to see more of their data driving our metadata and planning, and even more video content in the Reuters Connect Marketplace in 2021.

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All wrapped up

After a less-than-conventional Australian Open 2021, competed under some of the strictest quarantine regulations in the world, the event has already topped the usage charts for January and early February. This highlights package here has added value to our video coverage.

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UGC: It’s not just for cat videos

Excellent work by our UGC desk secured footage and interviews from inside the hotels of Australian Open competitors. This included French Open champion Iga Swiatek filmed working out. A combination of local network up-pick and Reuters material from on the ground enabled us to tell the full story as organisers worked tirelessly to make the event happen. To see all the content powered by UGC follow the link.

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And finally….

We are constantly hearing and responding to your calls for more ‘lighthearted’ news stories. A great example from January is Frank Rothwell. He may not be a familiar sporting name, but after surviving cancer and then at the age of 70 rowing across the Atlantic single-handedly, he deserves to be. More than 200 broadcasters used footage of him arriving in Antigua at the end of his epic 56-day journey.

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