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Reuters delivers breaking science and technology news from around the world, including in-depth coverage of tech products and events, innovation, space, physics, and more.

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Science & Technology News Coverage

Technology news and science journalism are as fast-moving as they are captivating. To keep your audience up to date, discover in-depth coverage from Reuters:

  • Extensive coverage of tech products and events
  • Science and technology news and innovation
  • Reporting on scientific research and discoveries

Newswires and Multimedia Packages

Complete text coverage of global tech innovation news and science journalism, as well as ready-to-publish multimedia packages.

  • Text with images and metadata for easy searching
  • News planning tools provide at-a-glance roundups
  • Multimedia packages including text, pictures and video coverage
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REUTERS/Albert Gea

Science & Technology Video

Video is especially suited to tech news as it allows a wide range of content, from articles to product demonstrations. Our science and technology news video services deliver the versatility you need:

  • Ready-to-publish packages let you give your audience the news quicker
  • Live exclusive reports help you share stories in real-time
  • Broadcast-quality video coverage enhances your reputation for quality

Science & Technology Pictures

Reuters delivers comprehensive science and technology news pictures from every corner of the globe, 24/7. Bring technology news to life with this vital editorial resource, with timely, unrivalled quality you know you can trust, and an archive of over 13 million pictures.

  • Easy-to-search metadata
  • Accurate, timely and unbiased
  • Archive of 13 million pictures
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