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Highlights from Reuters Breakingviews events on infrastructure and financial markets under President Trump

Reuters Breakingviews recently hosted two events in the United States, featuring timely discussions on two important topics: infrastructure and financial markets performance under President Donald Trump.  

Last week in Washington, D.C., Reuters Breakingviews Deputy Editor Richard Beales led a discussion on investment opportunities in America’s infrastructure. Beales was joined by Congressman John Delaney; Robert Amodeo, Portfolio Manager & Head of Public Finance, Western Asset; Jane Garvey, North America Chairman, Meridiam; and Thomas McLoughlin, Co-Head of the CIO Fundamental Research Team, to discuss the new era of infrastructure in 2017 and beyond. McLoughlin, said the biggest reason private sector funding in infrastructure in the U.S. hasn’t happened yet is “because of the presence of a robust municipal bond market, which does not exist to the same degree as it does elsewhere in the world. …We haven’t issued municipal bonds in the United States for almost 200 years.” You can watch the event in full (here). 

On Tuesday in Los Angeles, Reuters Breakingviews U.S. Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb sat down with Tony Ressleyer, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Ares Management. Ressler took stock of the Trump administration’s progress and the longer-term prospects for credit markets, companies and the global economy, and explained why he hopes Trump succeeds. Speaking at the event, Ressler said, “Most people, myself included, have argued just having a president that communicates the way he does – through Twitter and other means – is going to add to levels of volatility in the marketplace and elsewhere. And it has, and it will continue to.” You can watch the conversation (here). 

Both events were produced in partnership with CFA Institute. To learn more about upcoming Reuters events, email the media contact below to be added to the Reuters distribution list.

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