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Highlights of the Reuters and ICP event, ‘Iconic in an Instant? One Trillion Images’

Reuters and the International Center of Photography on Monday hosted ‘Iconic in an Instant? One Trillion Images,’ which brought together Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists, photo editors and leaders in media to discuss major issues in photojournalism today. The half-day event at the ICP Museum in New York covered the risks and rewards of combat photography, forensically detecting photo manipulation, the ethics of publishing shocking images, the role of the photo editor in the digital age and more.


–Reuters photographer Jonathan Bachman and Ieshia Evans, the subject of his iconic image from protests in Baton Rouge, met for the first time and received a huge round of applause from the audience as they discussed the events of that day in July and how their lives have been affected since.

–Adrees Latif, Editor-in-Charge of US Pictures, Reuters, moderated a discussion with the New York Times’ David Furst, Time’s Kira Pollack, the Atlantic’s Alan Taylor and Buzzfeed’s Wajmah Yaqubi on the role of photo editors in the digital age, including how an image goes viral and issues with sourcing and crediting those images.

–Sir Harold Evans, Editor-at-Large, Reuters and Steve Adler, Editor-in-Chief, Reuters, discussed weighing the risks and rewards in sending photographers into combat zones and the considerations that go into deciding when it is and isn’t safe to have a journalist in the field.

–Sir Harold Evans, Editor-at-Large, Reuters moderated a discussion with photographers Yannis Behrakis,  Reuters, Goran Tomasevic, Reuters, Greg Marinovich, and Bronx Documentary Center’s Michael Kamber about their experiences covering combat and its emotional toll and the colleagues they’ve lost in the field.

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