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Introducing Reuters Journalists of the Year Awards nominees for Breaking News and Enterprise

Reuters Journalists of the Year Awards

With less than 10 days to go until the Reuters Journalists of the Year Awards on March 18, here’s a look at our finalists for Breaking News and Enterprise Reporting of the Year.

Breaking News of the Year recognizes an individual or team who produced exceptional coverage of a breaking news event. This year’s nominees are:

-Beirut Blast is nominated for the extraordinary multimedia effort in covering the chemical explosion in the port of Beirut, which set the world agenda. The team includes Samia Nakhoul, Tom Perry, Ellen Francis, Laila Bassam, Ghaida Ghantous, Mike Georgy, Ayat Basma, Yara Abi Nader, Issam Abdalla, Imad Creidi, Alaa Kanaan, Sergey Karazy, Abdelhadi Ramahi, Charlotte Bruneau, Cynthia Karam, Maria Semerdjian, Mohammad Azakir, Hassan Seyyala and Ahmad Kerdi.

-Anti-government protests in Thailand is nominated for the team’s insight and exclusive news on a movement that has demanded constitutional reform, political change and included calls for a reform of the monarchy. The team includes Prapan Chankaew, Kay Johnson, Juarawee Kittisilpa, Jiraporn Kuhakan, Athit Perawongmetha, Artorn Pookasook, Vorasit Satienlerk, Chayut Setboonsarng, Jorge Silva, Orathai Sriring, Patpicha Tanakasempipat, Panarat Thepgumpanat, Matthew Tostevin, Soe Zeya Tun and Panu Wongcha-um.

The Death of Diego Maradona is a finalist for the team’s extraordinary multimedia effort in spot coverage around the world following the death of the Argentine soccer legend. The nominees include: Adam Jourdan, Nicolas Misculin, Cassandra Garrison, Hugh Bronstein, Maximilian Heath, Jorge Otaola, Eliana Raszewsk, Lucila Sigal, Ramiro Scandalo, Miguel Lobianco, Ueslei Marcelino, Leo Benassatto, Aislinn Laing in Santiago, Sarah Marsh, Andrew Downie, Martyn Herman, Richard Martin, Philip O`Connor, Andrew Cawthorne, Crispian Balmer, Philip Pullella, Gabriele Pileri, Ciro de Luca, Rohith Nair and Rupak Chowdhuri.

-The assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, by Ahmed Rasheed, Parisa Hafezi, Samia Nakhoul and Michael Georgy, is nominated for breaking news on the assassination of Iran’s military boss Qassam Soleimani and deeply nuanced reporting in the days after, ensuring Reuters coverage was fast, detailed and compelling.

-Financial market meltdown, by the global finance and markets teams led by Vidya Ranganathan, Megan Davies, Rachel Armstrong, Lauren LaCapra and Sumeet Chatterjee, is nominated for an extraordinary team effort in providing agenda-setting scoops and analyses during the historic financial market meltdown in March 2020.

-Global news monitoring by Akshay Lodaya is nominated for outstanding leadership of the Global News Monitoring team, which covered many of the year’s biggest breaking news stories across the economic, political and general news files.

Enterprise Reporting of the Year recognizes an individual or team whose investigative or enterprise reporting resulted in significant impact or raising public awareness of an issue. This year’s nominees are:

COVID Kingdom is nominated for a series of special reports on how science superpower Britain fatally mismanaged its coronavirus response. The team includes Stephen Grey, Andrew MacAskill, Ryan McNeill, Steve Stecklow, Tommy Wilkes, Andrew R.C. Marshall, Ludwig Burger, Emilio Parodi, Kate Kelland, Prasanta Kumar Dutta, Jon McClure, Simon Newman, Pete Hausler, Janet McBride, Michael Ovaska, Samuel Granados, Peter Nicholls, Phil Noble, Molly Darlington, Simon Dawson, Dylan Martinez, Henry Nicholls, Simon Newman, Catherine Tai and Pete Hausler.

-The Takeover of Hong Kong series is nominated for a series of special reports on how China has methodically cowed or crushed the institutions that underpinned liberty and autonomy in Hong Kong, its freest city. The team includes Janet McBride, Kari Howard, Greg Torode, James Pomfret, David Lague, Yimou Lee, Jessie Pang, Sumeet Chatterjee, Pak Yiu, Marius Zaharia, Tyrone Siu, Catherine Tai, Kerk Chon, Pete Hausler, Gabrielle Fonseca Johnson, Libby Hogan and Travis Teo.

American Injustice is nominated for a series of special reports that examined the institutional failings of U.S. law enforcement and criminal and civil justice in four related projects – on police unions, local jails, judges, and the legal concept of qualified immunity. The team includes Andrew Chung, Lawrence Hurley, Andrea Januta, Jaimi Dowdell, Charlie Szymanski, Jackie Botts, Guillermo Gomez, Adam Weisen, Megan Revell, Kate MacEachern, Matthew Gilson, John Blanton, Janet Roberts, Sarah Slobin, Feilding Cage, Peter Eisler, Linda So, Grant Smith, Jason Szep, Ned Parker, Brad Heath, Maryanne Murray, Matthew Weber, Craig Hettich, Corinne Perkins, Troy Dunkley, Pete Hausler, Ronnie Greene, Ryan McNeill, Michael Berens, John Shiffman, Caroline Monahan, Isabella Jibilian, Blake Morrison, Reade Levinson, Lisa Girion, Brendan McDermid and Lindsay DeDario.

Watchful Eyes is nominated for its investigation into Rite Aid’s use of facial recognition software in low income, non-white neighborhoods. The team includes Jeffrey Dastin, Ryan McNeill, Cate Cadell, Yingzhi Yang, Engen Tham, Brenda Goh, Farah Master, Lucas Jackson, Aleksandra Michalska, Samuel Hart, Paresh Dave, Tom Bergin, Samuel Hart, Aleksandra Michalska, Conway Gittens, Callaghan O’Hare, Mike Blake, Corinne Perkins, Troy Dunkley, Julie Marquis and Simon Robinson.

Tomorrow, we’ll be sharing the finalists for Business Beat Coverage and Legal Reporting of the Year.

Tune in on March 18 to find out the winners and learn more about their work. You can register for the event, which will be broadcast three times tailored to key time zones, here.

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