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Reuters and the Marketing Society host Advertising Week panel

On Thursday, Reuters and the Marketing Society will host a lunch and panel discussion during Advertising Week in New York. “Is the Political Ad Dead?” will explore how the use of social media has changed the political advertising landscape. For decades, ad strategists have played kingmakers in presidential campaigns. In 2016, that process changed as leading candidates used social and free media to get their messages to the public. The question now: Do presidential candidates still need the great minds of the ad industry to win?

Moderated by Reuters Digital Executive Editor Dan Colarusso, the panel will feature Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow; Matthew Hiltzik, founder of Hiltzik Strategies; Scott Goodstein, CEO of Revolution Messaging; and Vivian Schiller, consultant and formerly Head of News for Twitter and President and CEO of NPR.

Join in the conversation and RSVP here: here And follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #ReutersLive.

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