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Reuters appoints Vanessa O’Connell and Elyse Tanouye as new Global Industry Editors

In a memo to staff on Monday, Reuters Executive Editor for Professional News Amy Stevens announced the appointment of two new Global Industry Editors. Read more below:

Dear All,

Two weeks ago, we announced five of the Global Industry Editors (GIE’s) who will be championing our efforts to produce a company news file that is second to none. We also said that two others would soon be completing their ranks, and today I’m pleased to share those names: Vanessa O’Connell, who joins us from The Wall Street Journal; and Elyse Tanouye, who joins us from Bloomberg.

We’re very excited to be bringing on board these two exceptionally accomplished and respected journalists. Vanessa, who until earlier this month was Deputy U.S. Chief at the Wall Street Journal and has won awards for her business reporting, will oversee our global Consumer Products & Retail team. Elyse, who comes to us from her role as Bloomberg’s Managing Editor for Projects and Investigations and is an award-winning company news reporter and editor as well, will run our coverage of the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Vanessa and Elyse will add their considerable talents to the formidable group of Reuters veterans we’ve already named to GIE roles and to other senior editorial positions as part of the company news review. Their specific charge as GIEs will be to set an ambitious agenda for corporate coverage in accordance with our customers’ needs, and to lead reporters around the world to break news and deliver high-value stories that can be found nowhere else.   

To underscore the global remit of the GIEs, we are dividing up their reporting lines among the three regions: Jonathan Weber (Tech) and Joe White (Autos) will report to Asia Regional Editor Kevin Krolicki; Amran Abocar (Mining) and Vanessa will report to Americas Regional Editor Tiffany Wu; and Tim Hepher (Airlines, Aerospace & Defense) and Elyse will report to EMEA Regional Editor Simon Robinson. As previously announced, Richard Mably, who has added the role of GIE for Energy to his portfolio as Global Commodities Editor, will continue to report to Steve Adler.

Elyse’s first day in the New York newsroom will be today, and Vanessa is due to join us on Wednesday. They will initially spend time reviewing the file and meeting their teams, and will officially assume their new roles along with the other GIEs on Monday, February 5. All Retail and Pharma reporters, like other company news reporters, should continue to work within the current structure for now.  

Please join me in welcoming these two terrific new colleagues to Reuters.

Many thanks,


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