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Reuters Breakingviews launches ‘Predictions 2021: The World Emerges,’ and hosts exclusive discussions on what to expect in the year ahead

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With 2021 already off to a rocky start, it might feel impossible to predict what lies ahead. Reuters Breakingviews columnists have done just that with the launch of Breakingviews Predictions 2021: The World Emerges, a collection of columns looking at the shape of the next 12 months in finance and beyond.

In 2020, the arrival of COVID-19 threw the world into chaos as markets, investors and companies grappled with global turmoil. So what now?

Global Editor of Breakingviews Rob Cox says, “For 2021, at least one thing is certain: the world will be trying to emerge from this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime public health shock and return to some new version of normalcy. Old appetites and excesses will return, but the divisions the pandemic exposed in our societies can’t be forgotten.”

Speaking about the year ahead, Cox explained, “The new year is on the horizon with markets supercharged by the unprecedented pace and success of vaccine science. Billions of people need to be inoculated to ensure the virus no longer threatens vulnerable members of society or poses an existential threat to renewed economic growth. Governments around the world must figure out how to wind down their massive stimulus packages.”

Throughout January, Reuters Breakingviews is also holding a series of exclusive discussions with leading corporate executives, policymakers and investors as part of the launch of the Predictions publication.

The virtual fireside chats feature the chief executives of Allianz, Chevron, HDFC Bank and Zoetis; the European Commissioner for Economy and former Italian Prime Minister; and an all-star panel of investors. The sessions will cover the energy transition and rise of sustainable business practices, how finance is coping with low-to-zero interest rates, the risks and opportunities in financial markets, the return to growth in India and other developing nations and so many other vital issues.

Two sessions of The World Emerges will be hosted during Reuters Next, an immersive four-day experience with global leaders.  The virtual summit draws on Reuters global reach to host diverse voices from around the world who will examine topics from different perspectives, bringing their passion, experience and expertise to find new ways forward.

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