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Reuters brings together expert panels on ‘Blockchain in Healthcare Insurance and Beyond’ and ‘The future workforce and the role of humans in a machine age’ at Davos

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Reuters along with Cognizant is organising two panel discussions on ‘The Future Workforce’ and ‘Healthcare Insurance’ on January 22nd and 23rd respectively and in Davos, Switzerland.

The first panel on ‘The Future Workforce: The role of humans in a machine age’ will take place on January 22, 2019 from 12:30pm- 2:00pm.

AI, robotics and automation are gaining speed in the modern workplace, but the promise comes with its own perils. Building new opportunities that won’t leave the world’s workers behind is a key theme at this year’s World Economic Forum. The discussion will bring together a panel of experts including Mr. Alain Dehaze, CEO of The Adecco Group, Mr. Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork, Mr. Ben Pring, Head of Center for Future of Work at Cognizant and Ms. Amy Webb, CEO at Future Today Institute. The panel will be moderated by Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-Large at Reuters. The panellists will share insights into the nature and scale of AI’s impact, concrete advice on how businesses can benefit from these powerful new technologies, and ideas on what the workforce and workplace of the future will look like.

The second panel on Blockchain in Healthcare Insurance and Beyond’ is scheduled on Jaunary 23, 2019 from 5:00pm-6:30pm.

Blockchain’s rapid development is impacting economies, enterprise and society. As an emerging shared IT infrastructure, blockchain and distributed ledger technology are shaping the architecture of Globalisation 4.0, as many industries seek ways to democratize access to information in ways that unlock value for all stakeholders. The discussion will bring together a panel of experts from healthcare insurance, technology and business innovation including Ms. Sally Eaves, Global Strategy Advisor on Fintech, Ms. Lata Varghese, Head of Blockchain at Cognizant and Mr. Zia Zaman, Chief of Innovations Asia at Metlife. The panel will be moderated by Angeline Ong is a television news anchor at Reuters. The panellists will explore blockchain’s game-changing potential through real-world case studies, showcasing how technology can enable organizations worldwide to enhance collaboration and trust, as well as reduce operational costs and improve transactional security.

According to Munira Ibrahim, Reuters SVP for Sales and Content Solutions, various industries across the world are leveraging blockchain as part of their digital transformation process and integrating it into their solutions and strategies and healthcare insurance is not new to this technology. The select panel of experts will share insights on the challenges companies face when leveraging blockchain technology, best practices for success implementation of blockchain, and “codifying trust” through blockchain technology.

She adds that with AI, robotics and automation gaining speed, it’s important to understand how far off we are from impactful business results due to the use of these technologies, and a potentially significant dislocation of human work as a side effect. With the esteemed panellists, the events will discuss these key issues and help attendees jumpstart the future-proofing of their organizations.

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