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Reuters celebrates International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day, Reuters is celebrating with a series of personal quotes about the collective success of women at Reuters and the impact they make on the organization.

Alessandra Galloni, Editor-in-Chief, Reuters: “I had not given that much attention to being the first woman to lead Reuters newsroom. I did my job. I have been lucky to have editors and mentors who have allowed me to do whatever I wanted without any limitation. But now I’m beginning to realize the importance of it. I sometimes quote Sally Ride, the former US astronaut, who said “I never went into the astronaut corps to become a role model.” She became an astronaut because she wanted to go into space. I became a journalist because I wanted to be a journalist. Because I believe in the impact that journalists can have. But now I realize that role models are important. And as Sally Ride also said, people can’t be what they can’t see. So if I can serve that role for all the women journalists out there, from all nationalities of all ethnicities, then that’s great.”

Alessandra Galloni

Sue Brooks, Managing Director Reuters News Agency: “I am proud of team Reuters: the way we pulled together, created so much in the most difficult of circumstances and kept focused on the goal of providing trusted, world class journalism to our customers who need it more now than ever before. 

“From the very top of Reuters – our brilliant Editor-in-chief, Alessandra Galloni – through to every level and role in the organization, women make Reuters what it is.”

Sue Brooks

Ling Sze Gan, Director Media Sales, Asia, Reuters: “Much gender parity has been achieved in the past 100 years. Women now wear more hats than their grandmas could have ever imagined. While women take on more responsibilities in societies, we kick ourselves each time we miss a beat. In the corporate environment, we often carry with us the mantra that “If Men Can Have It, Women Can Too”. We hear career-driven mums talk about their guilt towards juggling a family life.

“Gender biases, conscious and unconscious, still exist today. This is especially so in certain geographies and cultures. No one single person – man or woman – can be 100% in every single role one plays. 

“To all women out there, as we mark this International Women’s Day, we ought to take this moment to celebrate our own milestones and strides that we have made in our own lifetime – regardless of which department of life that may be!” #stoptheguiltmakestrides

Ling Sze Gan

Buddhika Amis, Senior Marketing Director, Reuters: “To win the rightful place in the hearts and minds of the people we serve, Reuters needs a Marketing organization that matches its world-beating journalism. I am proud of the transformation we have achieved in Reuters Marketing this year. My team that drives this – over 70% of which are women – amaze me every day.”

Buddhika Amis

Christina Anagnostopoulos, Fact Checker at Reuters News Agency: “In early 2020, we embarked on a new adventure: fact-checking false or misleading content on social media with Facebook and Instagram. In August 2021, we expanded our team to also work with Twitter, which has been an amazing experience and a privilege. I’m so thrilled to be leading a team in this area of the agency and of such importance to the business.

“I’ve loved meeting so many incredible women throughout my years at Reuters. I have always felt welcomed and inspired by women more senior than me in the organization. That direct and indirect mentorship, and that culture pioneered by intelligent, kind, strong women, can have so much impact.”

Christina Anagnostopoulos

Leela de Kretser, Global Breaking News Editor, Reuters: “Can you believe we pulled off two Olympic Games in six months under extreme pandemic restrictions?!!! On #IWD2022, I am grateful for all of the amazing Reuters women around the world who delivered unrivaled coverage of the intersection of global sports with politics, culture and business for all our customers.  With more women on the ground than ever before, I am so proud I was part of the dream teams in Tokyo and Beijing. Bring on the World Cup and Paris2024!”

Leela de Kretser

Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams, Editor for Newsroom Diversity: “As a single mother of two daughters, I understand the power of International Women’s Day.  It’s a day for celebrating the resilience, achievements and voices of all women globally.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brilliant, inspirational and dedicated women in our newsroom who continue to deliver trusted impartial news whilst also shining a light in dark corners of the world to give a voice to the unreported.  I have huge admiration for you all and your work. 

“This year’s campaign theme is #Breakthebias – highlighting the individual and collective biases against women that fuel gender inequities.  Let’s call it out when we see it.”

Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams
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