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Reuters continues to deliver speedy and comprehensive coverage on Trump testing positive for COVID-19 to media customers worldwide

When President Trump announced he’d tested positive for COVID-19 early Friday, the global stage instantaneously shifted to how the latest events might impact the U.S. elections. With less than four weeks until U.S. Election Day, the significance of President Trump’s diagnosis threw a curveball at global markets, impacting everything from political affairs to financial markets.

Within minutes of the news breaking, Reuters began delivering a package of multimedia coverage, detailed timelines of Trump’s public announcements on COVID-19, his movements that week, his tweets and the first reactions from around the world. Reuters was well-prepared to leap in to action, including with the first audio clip of him announcing that he was self-isolating, and immediately moved the tweet in which he confirmed that he had tested positive.

Since the first breaks in the story, Reuters has continued to deliver fast and accurate updates on the President’s condition, much of it live. Reuters is permanently on the outlook for any change in Trump’s condition and moving fast on his every communication – and movement, such was when he unexpectedly travelled in the presidential car to show supporters he was in good spirits.

Using its worldwide network of bureaux, Reuters was swift to deliver international reactions – from government leaders to ordinary people. Reuters coverage featured prominently in nearly every news program in the world, while our clear, comprehensive and well-segmented edits made it easy for newsrooms worldwide to process the material.

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