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Reuters coverage helps Italian boy who travels a mile for internet connection to study gain access at home

Giulio Giovannini, 12, with a tablet, a small camping table and a chair, studies on the top of a hill where he is able to access the Internet to participate in online lessons while schools remain closed due to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Scansano, Italy, April 15, 2020. REUTERS/Jennifer Lorenzini -

A Reuters story about a boy in Italy here who had to travel a mile to get an internet signal to allow him to study during coronavirus lockdown has a positive ending — with the local internet company providing him access at home.

Twelve-year-old Giulio Giovanni’s studying place – under a tree amidst the unspoiled Tuscan countryside and vineyards – was brought to Reuters attention last week. Unable to access the internet from home, Giulio travels a mile to reach the closest cell signal, setting up a table and stool and mobile hotspot to take part in virtual school lessons on his tablet.

Eleanor Biles, a senior producer for Reuters in Italy, recognised the appeal of the story—brought to her attention by photographer Jennifer Lorenzini in Florence—straight away: “It was a simple story that could be understood by clients all across the world; it helped illustrate the problems of being in lockdown.”

Reuters deployed a photographer and a camera operator to capture Giulio’s story, filming via a drone camera to capture footage of him setting up his remote work station under the tree.

“It shows the strength of the three services Reuters is able to offer clients combined: pictures, video and text,” said Eleanor.“As a result of the Reuters story, within 24 hours of publication, the local internet community heard about Giulio’s situation and they hooked him up with the internet.”

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