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Reuters coverage of electric vehicle metals policy cited at U.S. House Natural Resources Committee hearing

On Wednesday, Reuters coverage of the United States’ hunt for electric vehicle metals was cited at a U.S. House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the Department of the Interior’s spending priorities. Republican Congressman Pete Stauber of Minnesota referenced Reuters coverage of the Biden administration’s strategy on sourcing of critical minerals needed for decarbonization in his questioning of Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland.

Congressman Stauber said in the hearing: “As you can see in this Reuters headline from October of 2020, then-candidate Biden pledged to use domestic union miners, including those in my district, to help source these minerals. Fast forward to May of 2021, about two months after your confirmation, you can see in this Reuters headline that now President Biden’s administration plans to look abroad to foreign countries for minerals and no longer use domestic union members in northern Minnesota.”

Reuters has dominated coverage this year of the U.S. hunt for electric vehicle metals, including the tension surrounding whether the nation should source the materials domestically or rely on imports. The Reuters stories cited by Representative Stauber to Secretary Haaland in the Congressional hearing exclusively detailed U.S. President Joe Biden’s shift on sourcing electric vehicles metals domestically to internationally since he was a presidential candidate last fall.

Reuters has also been first with news and in-depth insight on steps the administration has taken to slow down development of domestic mines, including the Twin Metals copper mining project in Stauber’s Minnesota district.

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