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Reuters data to power new COVID-19 vaccine experience on Amazon Alexa worldwide

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Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider, announced today a collaboration with Amazon to deliver trusted, global COVID-19 vaccine information on Alexa devices.  

Reuters data will power answers to Alexa customer questions on the availability of and eligibility for vaccines in 85+ countries and all 50 U.S. states and the progress of the vaccine rollout globally. In addition, Reuters will supply continuous updates on country-specific vaccine distribution, approvals and rollout strategies. 

Customers will be able to ask Alexa questions such as, “Alexa, who can receive the COVID-19 vaccine near me?” or “Alexa, what age groups qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine in California?”   

Reuters will source, gather and verify a robust set of vaccine data from U.S. state and country governments, health agencies and local reporting groups, as well as leverage the reporting of its 2500 journalists in 200 locations worldwide to supplement the data.   

“Accurate information on COVID-19 vaccine availability and rollout progress is critical as we enter this next phase of the pandemic. Working with Amazon to provide access to Reuters accurate and reliable data in the public interest is crucial to our mission of powering informed decisions through our trusted intelligence.  Reuters is delighted to be able to bring our exclusive data on vaccinations to the world via Alexa to help their customers stay informed about how communities and populations around the world are getting vaccinated,” said Michael Friedenberg, President, Reuters.  

Reuters global vaccination dataset will also power a global COVID-19 vaccination tracker built by Reuters Graphics. The new tracker makes detailed information on public access to the vaccine and progress of the rollout available to our readers worldwide. The new tracker complements the existing global coronavirus tracker Reuters continues to maintain, which provides vital information on the status of the pandemic around the world. 

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