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Reuters develops real-time graphics and illustrations to show the magnitude of the COVID-19 outbreak

By Reuters Communications

Since late January, Reuters has been tracking the spread of the coronavirus outbreak throughout the world. The Reuters graphics team has illustrated the number of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths in every country, including a detailed analysis of the outbreak in the United States with a county-by-county view.

On March 13, Reuters first published its U.S. tracker and then on March 24, a searchable database and tracker was published to verify the number of coronavirus cases in the United States from a county level.

With data from state and local governments, health authorities and Reuters reporting, Reuters is delivering fast, reliable, consistent and accurate data to feed into its graphics and trackers at minimum twice a day, from our journalists around the world to bring readers trusted information. Reuters journalists are steadfastly analyzing data to confirm the veracity of the information, especially in the instances where there are inaccuracies or incomplete data.  

For more on how Reuters Graphics is visually capturing the global pandemic from all angles, see below:

-A deluge of death in northern Italy: An examination of the scale of destruction caused by the coronavirus in Italy.

-Coronavirus locks down Europe: A comprehensive look at movement restrictions in every country in the EU/Schengen area. This is a tracker we will continue to update.

-Patient 31: Viewed over 5 million times, this explainer provided insight into how coronavirus cases exploded in South Korean churches and hospitals

-Exponential growth: A comparative look at the rise and impact of the coronavirus across the world.

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