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Reuters Executive Editor Gina Chua honored by NBC and Logo TV during Pride Month

This month, as many countries around the world celebrate Pride Month, Reuters Executive Editor Gina Chua is being recognized on NBC’s OUT and Logo30 lists of influential LGBTQ+ figures.

For Pride Month, NBC is honoring 30 LBGTQ firsts. Chua is profiled as one of the most high-profile trans leaders in media. In her profile on, Gina explained her decision to come out as transgender: “Chua, 60, told NBC News her decision to announce herself to the world didn’t come as a flash of lightning, but as a slow burn. A feeling, she said, of, ‘I want to move out of the shadows and live in the sunlight.’ … Now, she said, she feels more calm. People tell her that she’s happier and that she smiles more. When it comes to her job and being a leader, she said that she’s more focused and that her brain has been freed up to tackle other things. She said she’s leaning into a more nuanced understanding of others, of womanhood, of community. ‘And I think that I’m still growing into that, and I would like to hope that makes me a better manager,’ she said. ‘It makes me a better person.’” You can view the full list of honorees here.

Viacom’s Logo TV series Logo30 spotlights LGBTQ+ artists, thinkers and activists. Chua is among 30 people recognized during Pride Month across the various Logo TV platforms.

“’Since [coming out], I’ve really understood the importance of visibility, with people at work and elsewhere reaching out to talk to me about trans children, partners, relatives, friends,’ Chua tells Logo. ‘It’s been so rewarding to be able to listen to their stories and offer support where I can. That’s really told me that visibility and community do matter.’”

You can follow along with the series, which features a different honoree each day, here.

Chua was also recently profiled in the New York Times, reflecting on her transition during the pandemic, her role as executive editor and representation in media.

“Ms. Chua, 60, transitioned genders during 2020, using the time at home and away from the office to, as she describes it, ‘grow into this skin.’ On Dec. 18, she wrote to her colleagues at Reuters to inform them of the change.

‘For some time now I’ve been on a journey,” she said in the email. “It’s mostly been private, internal and exploratory, but it’s time to move beyond that and mark a new milestone in that passage. I’m transgender. And beginning today I’ll be living and presenting as what I know to be my true self 100 percent of the time.’”

Chua also joined CBSN as part of their Pride Month coverage, speaking about her transition and representation of LGBTQ+ people in media.

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