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Reuters hosts Newsmaker with HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri

HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri at a Reuters Newsmaker in San Francisco, CA, July, 9, 2018. Credit: Agency Moanalani Jeffrey.

On Monday, Reuters hosted a Newsmaker event in San Francisco with Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and CEO Antonio Neri.  

Neri joined Reuters Technology Correspondent Salvador Rodriguez on-stage to discuss what it means to run one of the world’s largest technology companies, how tariffs will impact the company, issues including immigration and data privacy, and what makes HPE a new and different company after splitting with Hewlett Packard in 2015. Among the highlights: 

–Discussing trade tensions with China, Neri said HPE has “the ability to manufacture more products in the United States,” noting they have manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. “The issue is how to manage our supply chain to best serve our customers.” 

–Neri announced that HPE will be working with Swiss researchers on the ‘Blue Brain Project,’ building a reconstruction and simulation of the human brain in order to advance the understanding of it. 

–On diversity at HPE, Neri said that it is a top discussion at their company and in the tech industry, and that while women account for a third of their workforce, “we have to do more, and we’re holding our people accountable.”  

–Asked for HPE’s stance on immigration in the United States, Neri said “I’m not in agreement with what is going on. This is not how I saw the United States 30 years ago. That said, it’s a tough, complex situation, so we have to work with lawmakers to make sure we have the right approach,” saying that “at the core of this is humanity.” 

The full interview can be viewed here .

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