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Reuters hosts Newsmaker with Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz

On Thursday, Reuters hosted a Newsmaker event with Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz, where the discussion focused on how the global automotive industry is evolving.

As auto executives and industry influencers gathered for the New York International Auto Show, Lentz joined Reuters Corporate Regulation Reporter Dave Shepardson on-stage for a lively discussion about electric and hybrid vehicles, self-driving cars and the continued convergence of the tech and auto industries. Among the highlights:

–Asked whether he believed Americans will embrace fully electric vehicles, Lentz said “someday.”

–Lentz said he sees the near future of autonomous vehicles as having cars with “guardian mode.” “The driver will actually be in charge with systems operating in the background.”

–Lentz said that he is a firm believer in hydrogen and that Toyota wants “to lead consumers to a greener future.”

The full interview can be viewed here .

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