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A secret service agent walks by television microphones before U.S. President Donald Trump's departing the White House for a trip to Annapolis, Maryland, in Washington, U.S. May 25, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

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Here’s a look at where Reuters is in the news this week:

Steve Adler talks to CJR about how Reuters is covering the 2020 election

Reuters Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler spoke to CJR about lessons learned from the 2016 election and how Reuters is covering the 2020 cycle:

“There’s a critique—a pretty serious critique—of trying to be objective and trying to be dispassionate, and that critique essentially says that in reality— if you’re on the right or the left—then the other side is destroying the country, and that to take any other position is wishy washy and non-courageous. We take the opposite position. We exercise a craft, and our craft is digging out information when the average person doesn’t have the skill to do that, and sorting accurate from inaccurate information, then providing the background and the context and the knowledge base that helps people figure out where they stand.”

Simon Robinson speaks to BBC Weekend about the week’s top news stories

Reuters Global Managing Editor, Newsroom, Simon Robinson went on BBC Weekend to discuss reactions to the top news stories of the week, including the U.S. killing of Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani, politics in Jerusalem and animals facing extinction in Africa.

On the topic of animal extinction, Simon explained: “There is a philosophical divide between mostly the South African countries that believe having elephants or other animals that can be hunted is a way to protect them because it puts a price on their head. Then you have other countries in East Africa who just want to protect them and not have them hunted because they feel it will fuel the illegal trade in things like ivory.”

The New York Times cites Reuters reporting on Chinese government replacing its top representative in Hong Kong

Over the weekend, the Chinese government replaced its top representative, Wang Zhimin, in Hong Kong. A New York Times report on the move headlined “’False news’ comes true as Beijing replaces its top representative in Hong Kong” credited a November Reuters story that reported Beijing was considering potential replacements for Zhimin. The Times noted that a spokesperson for the Hong Kong Office of the People’s Republic of China dismissed Reuters earlier reporting, publicly referring to it a ‘false report.’

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