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Reuters launches new section, “The Trump Effect”

“The Trump Effect: Tracking the Impact of the President’s Policies,” launched on today, is a dynamic new section featuring text stories, video, photos, interactive graphics and data that show readers the real impact the Trump administration is having on people, communities, institutions and businesses around the country. Reuters TV will also debut a “The Trump Effect” featured program with regular coverage of Trump’s impact.

Coverage in “The Trump Effect” won’t be limited to the President’s officially stated policies, but will also show how his speeches, tweets and remarks have had an effect in the real world.  “The Trump Effect” will cover topics ranging from energy and environment, health care, immigration and jobs and trade. Readers can dive deeper into these areas via interactive graphics that explain how policies have translated into real-world changes. The graphics will be regularly updated to reflect the most current effects on those areas. An interactive explainer on immigration will be the first to be published, with others on healthcare, energy & environment, the economy and others to follow in the coming weeks. A timeline of policies and their impact will also be featured in the section.

In addition, “The Trump Effect” features a tool to see how Americans feel about the President and his policies in a number of key areas. Based on Reuters/Ipsos polling, the tool allows users to explore American’s views on issues such as the economy, treatment of people, jobs and foreign policy, and to track the President’s approval and disapproval ratings. Users can also embed charts from the tool on their own platforms.

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