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Reuters offers free COVID-19 tracker graphics to government bodies and health authorities worldwide

By Reuters Communications

Reuters today announced it will supply government bodies and health authorities around the world with free, embeddable COVID-19 tracker graphics — based on data gathered by Reuters from multiple sources — to help them illustrate the impact of the virus on their communities.

The graphics — which show the number of coronavirus cases, deaths and recoveries at global level and, in the United States, at county level — can be used on the websites of government bodies and health authorities free of charge from today.

Reuters global and U.S. trackers are based on data gathered by Reuters newsroom and updated twice-daily. The information is fact-checked for consistency, ensuring the dataset is as reliable as possible. The interactive graphics allow audiences to easily monitor the number of cases in their area.

Sue Brooks, Head of Product Development & Agency Strategy for Reuters, said; “These are deeply challenging times and we hope health authorities and government bodies around the world will accept this small offer of support. Embedding the Reuters tracker into their websites will help authorities communicate with their communities in a simple, visual way. We are happy to be providing organizations that are doing such important work with trusted, timely information.”

Reuters global tracker measures total COVID-19 cases, deaths and recoveries by country. It is sourced and collated by Reuters directly from local government and verified through local reporting in 200 locations.

The U.S. tracker measures cases and deaths by state and county. It is based on data at a county level for a majority of the 50 states and U.S. territories, sourced and collated from local governments and publicly available information.

The graphics can be easily embedded via a simple code. They will be available to national governments, health authorities and local governments here.

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