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Reuters Pictures photojournalism features in Tate artificial intelligence project

Reuters Pictures news photography features in Recognition, an artificial intelligence program which compares up-to-the-minute photojournalism from Reuters with British art from the Tate’s collection.

Until November 27, Recognition will create an ever-expanding virtual gallery by comparing news images from a live feed provided by Reuters Pictures with art from the Tate’s collection of British art. The programme creates matches based on visual and thematic similarities and viewers around the world can learn why the artificial intelligence program selected each match.

A display at Tate Britain accompanies the online project, offering visitors to the gallery the chance to compare the machine’s matches with their own and invites them to help retrain the algorithm.

Recognition was created by Fabrica, a communications research centre in Treviso, Italy. The project is the winner of the IK Prize 2016, an award presented by the Tate in partnership with Microsoft which invited digital creatives to propose a project using artificial intelligence that will explore, investigate or ‘understand’ British art from the Tate collection in a new way.

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