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Reuters remains at the forefront of global Coronavirus coverage

A computer image created by Nexu Science Communication together with Trinity College in Dublin, shows a model structurally representative of a betacoronavirus which is the type of virus linked to COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus linked to the Wuhan outbreak, shared with Reuters on February 18, 2020. NEXU Science Communication/via REUTERS

By Reuters Communications

Since December, Reuters has been at the forefront of coronavirus coverage around the world.

With 2,500 journalists across 200 locations, Reuters is reporting on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on every part of society, from health and politics to sport and business, providing unparalleled depth and breadth across numerous channels as the story has grown from a public health issue to one that is impacting markets, economies and businesses around the world.

Our global teams are providing customers with unrivalled access to red-zones, exclusive footage, pictures, and graphics, responding to global demand from news agency customers.

Coverage has included:

–1600 videos, including more than 300 live video feeds

–12,500 text stories in 15 languages

–35,000 pictures

Recent stories include video diaries from inside ‘red zones’ and dynamic reporting on the outbreak in South Korea, now the second-most affected nation after China.

Ahmed Assar, Asia Editor for Reuters News Agency video, commented: “Being the world’s largest news agency, we have to make sure we are covering the story for all our clients across the world.”

Ahmed added: “When a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers docks in Japan or Cambodia with suspected cases onboard, we have to make sure we’re there providing live coverage around the clock of the various nationalities disembarking or being taken into quarantine.”

Reuters has already seen the largest recorded usage of footage from TV channels and digital properties this year, and also secured an exclusive interview with China’s senior medical advisor Zhong Nanshan about the outbreak, which generated headlines around the world.

With coverage of the global outbreak testing the resources of broadcasters and publishers, Reuters reporting has become indispensable to many media customers.

As the Coronavirus story unfolds, Reuters teams will continue to deliver fast, reliable and trusted coverage from every corner of the globe.

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