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Reuters TV releases new ad campaign

Today Reuters TV debuted its new ad campaign, “It’s your time,” comprising four 20-second spots that will run across Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Hulu and Pandora starting February 9th.

Over four ads, “Every Day”, “Take the Time”, “In the Know” and “This is News”, the campaign shows how Reuters TV brings its users closer to the source of all the news they need to know about. They refer both to Reuters extraordinary heritage in news-gathering, and the utility that the personalized, on-demand video news that the platform offers. The ads are designed to be bold and shareable, lending themselves to running on digital platforms.  

–“Every Day” draws on the feeling of discontent in the world and encourages users to keep up with the news they need every day: here

–“Take the Time” encourages viewers to take the time in their day to educate themselves on the world at large: here

–“In the Know” plays into the fear that viewer’s friends are more in-the-know on current events, prompting viewers to come to Reuters TV to stay informed: here

–“This is News” calls out the hyperbole in traditional cable news and advocates that viewers come to Reuters TV to get their news straight from the source: here

Isaac Showman, Managing Director of Reuters TV said, “Reuters TV is a three times a week habit for our users and a way of staying literate about the breadth of what’s going on in the world. With this campaign we wanted to demonstrate how Reuters TV is an essential companion to someone’s daily routine, and why hearing news straight from the source is so powerful.”

Video production and copywriting was by Creative Agency B-Reel, music was composed by Creative Agency Marmoset Music and creative direction was by Reuters in-house team and Digital Agency Ueno.

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