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Reuters unveils new section, “North Korea In Focus”

Reuters today unveiled a dedicated section on called “North Korea In Focus” to allow readers deep insight into the so-called Hermit Kingdom and better understand the global ramifications of a critical situation. The compelling new section which features deep reporting, photo galleries, video stories and immersive interactive graphics, cuts through the rhetoric and confusion to provide a comprehensive understanding of a crisis with international consequences.

Relations between North Korea and the United States are more volatile now than many people can remember.  Tweets, insults, threats – and missile tests – dominate headlines and raise fears that real hostilities between two nuclear-armed nations might actually break out. Much has been written about President Donald J. Trump and his administration’s stance towards the enigmatic state but much less is known about what drives Kim Jong Un and its 25 million citizens. North Korea is shrouded in secrecy, and access is tightly controlled, but Reuters has harnessed decades of experience covering the country to create the “North Korean Lives” section that delves behind the news to offer more context and a deeper understanding of a crucial global issue.

From the everyday inventions that have kept people alive to the logic of Kim Jong Un’s plan to combine tourism and artillery, from the free marketers who keep the economy afloat to the forces the state has harnessed to send missiles towards Guam, and from the humiliations of history to the family assassinations of recent years, the drivers behind modern North Korea are many, varied, and vital to understand in a climate where tensions escalate with every launch and presidential remark.

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