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Thomson Reuters “Spotlight on Reuters” event features Reuters journalists on trust and news coverage in the current political climate

On Tuesday, the Thomson Reuters Early Careers Network hosted a “Spotlight on Reuters” event for customers and staff, with an inside look at Reuters news coverage.

The event featured a discussion with Kevin Krolicki, Reuters Regional Editor for the Americas; Jeff Mason, Reuters White House Correspondent and White House Correspondents’ Association president; and Carmel Crimmins, Reuters Americas Financial Services Editor, discussing Reuters history of delivering trusted, unbiased news; how Reuters covers the White House; and what effect the new administration has had on the financial services industry.

Asked how Wall Street is reacting to the current climate, Crimmins said, “Expectations are certainly being tempered. We see markets react, for instance to the tweet for Trump Jr. We’ve seen that institutional bankers and investors have taken comfort in who Trump has surrounded himself with in the White House.”

Responding to a question from the audience about how readers should evaluate the objectivity of a news source, Krolicki said that “readers of news can follow the same kinds of rules that reporters use when writing a story and apply it toward them.…Get as close to explaining the source as possible. Stipulate what it is that you don’t know. And offer a rebuttal from the other side of the argument. Present the information in context.”

In response to a question on the first amendment, Mason said, “We really need to be vigilant about the first amendment all the time. Our job is, essentially, to do our job, whether we’re reporting on the White House or the financial markets or something else. To do your job and not get upended about the news of the day.”

You can follow more of the discussion on Twitter by searching #SpotlightReuters.

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