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Working in Partnership to Power the News Ecosystem

By Reuters President Michael Friedenberg

As the world’s largest news provider, Reuters has a unique place in the industry. here Reuters Connect sits at the heart of our business; an award-winning digital platform that powers the news ecosystem, bringing content and customers together.

Today, we are excited to announce that Reuters Connect is growing, as we move to make it the most comprehensive collection of real-time, multimedia news content anywhere in the world, offering our customers an unrivaled breadth and depth of content.

Let me explain how.

Reuters works with news organizations and publishers of all sizes around the world. With a bird’s eye view of the industry, we can see how digital transformation is affecting our customers. For example, we know it’s more important than ever for news providers to reach beyond traditional borders. Our data tells us that news which once would have been considered ‘domestic’ or ‘local,’ now has global appeal, as the world is getting smaller; Brexit is a topic of conversation in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as Birmingham in the UK.

We are addressing that opportunity through strategic partnerships with the news agencies that fuel our industry. Reuters has both a world-class newsroom and a powerful global distribution network. Now we are opening up our distribution network to provide agencies of all sizes with truly global reach.

Through our new partnerships, we will offer customers the best global news agency content in one place, with contributions from all parts of the world, alongside Reuters own outstanding journalism.

We’re delighted to announce seven new agencies are joining the Reuters Connect platform today here in addition to the eight already there. By leveraging Reuters global distribution network, all our partners can better monetize their content and elevate their brands.

This new partner content complements the vast output from our own world-class newsroom of around 2,500 journalists in 200 locations worldwide. Combining the output from Reuters news with our 60-plus content partners, we currently offer more than 20 million pieces of news content; videos, pictures and text stories. A staggering total that only grows with each passing day.

Importantly, customers can access this incredible array of content through Connect Points, which gives them the freedom to choose the content that suits their needs.

As the news ecosystem gets bigger and more complex, Reuters Connect provides a single destination that brings buyers and sellers together on a simple, digital platform. Our latest partnerships will help us create the most comprehensive news platform available. We hope you’ll join us.

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